Which one NAD T762 or the Rotel RSX-1065 ?


Hi all,

I would like to buy new receiver and have a concern regarding the NAD quality. On the other hand, I love the NAD sound. As of that, I started to look into the Rotel RSX-1065 one. Any advice ?

Thanks, Daniel

any ideas and input ? thanks, Daniel


The rotel is just as clean sounding as the NAD, but I find its sound to be "leaner"--there is far less bass information. I view the difference to be a matter of taste.

Rotel also costs a boatload more money.

matthew dow
I agree with Hawk's comments, only it applies to the 1055. Separation is better on the NAD. So far I have no quality issues, other than the well-documented satellite popping and cd track skipping (the latter is fixable).

For the record, the Rotel does the same thing, according to a Rotel owner who posted on this forum.

matthew dow
You know I've read that, and I must disagree. I had both receivers for 4 days a couple weeks ago. Hooked them both up to my DVD player (via coax) and satellite (via optical). Sorry - this was a 1055 by the way, not a 1065. The rotel did not exhibit either problem (cd cut out or satellite pop upon channel change). I tested this repeatedly since it was driving me crazy with the NAD, but couldn't get it to show the problem. Maybe I had a different software version or something - I don't know which one however.

I ordered a optical-digital converter to possibly resolve the satellite issue, and just received an analog cable to resolve the CD issue. I will post the results of the converter as soon as I hook it up.

Daniel - my feeling is you can't go wrong either way.
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