How do i run all 4 channels on my sony explode 4 1/3 channel i have only one set of rca's


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i have 2 lightning audio 10's in a ported box ( 750 watt each) also i have 4 eight in subs ported box ( 200 watts each). am i pushing more watts than my amp can handle . my amp is a sony explode 4 1/3 channel 500 watt. still learning about systems. just got my license and got my first car.. not trying to sound like a tard only 17

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Try this:

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try you tube ; search :car audio amp hook up and you will find some relevant instructions there.
Main things as a newbie to watch are :
1) don't power up anything until all connections are made.
2) use terminals where possible ! as even one loose strand will cause a short circuit and you will go mad trying to find whats wrong !
3) Fuses ( the main fuse is to stop the car going on fire not to protect the amp so make sure its the correct value !!
4) power and earth should be same gauge !! and don't pare down a cable to fit a terminal ( use the proper terminal size )
Sony amps are not very powerful . Mos of these mosfet amps are only 50-55% effecient ! so if it says 50w (RMS ! ) Then you will only get about 23-25w at the speaker .
Subs : don't mind all the bs from some manufactures about power output ; look at the spec sheet / check continous output at 4 ohm below 1% THD ( some brands will exagerate this figure by as much as 4 times with a high THD value to make you believe thats its a very powerful amp ! )
Then check the sensitivity : if it says 86db then you could be in trouble and need a very big amp. If its says 90-92 db then it will not need as much power ( higher the db figure the easier to drive )
The amp spec should also tell you if its 2 ohm stable or 1 ohm stable . This allows more flexibility in the type of speaker used and the amount of speakers that can be wired together: do a search for : wiring in phase and wiring in series

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ref rcas : does the headunit have any rca out puts ?
There should be some red/white fly leads or female plugs on the back.
If there are none at all then you need a speaker to low level conveter !
you will need one for front and one for back channels.this will give u 4 channels for the amp .
or I think sony amps also have a high level input ( allows connection to the speaker wires on the radio. ( I always prefer the rca connection )
Never run the rca , speaker and power cables together as this will cause interference / noise. Run them seperately and you will have less problems !
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