Question about Pre-out


Normally a receiver's pre-out would be for hooking up to a poweramp.

My question is, could a pre-out be hooked up to an integrated amp? What would the effect be? Would the pre-amp part of the integrated amp double pre-amp the signal?

Thanks for helping a newbie.

Sure--by hooking up the amp part of the integrated amp to the receiver's pre-amp you would power the receiver with the integrated amp and simultaneously remove the integrated amp from the integrated pre-amp.

Thanks for the helpful response G-man.

What if I ran the pre-out into the pre-amp part of the integrated amp instead of bypassing the integrated pre-amp section? Would that produce any benefit, or detriment, or make things explode, etc?

The reason I'm asking is because I am envisioning an integrated tube amp, and I'm wondering if I could use a receiver's pre-out and run it into the integrated preamp. I'd kind of like the signal to pass through the (integrated) tubed preamp in order to get some "tube flavored preamping" going on.

Is this technically feasible?
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