Hawk, I need your help with speakers!


John Miller
I found a pair of DV-84 speakers by BIC have you ever heard them? They sound too good to be true... 8 ohms. 4 8" woofers, 90db and they get good reviews. Buy not being able to try them anywhere local or never heard of BIC I am weary. What is your opinion on these speakers?

John Miller
Ill add in some more info here as I am looking forward to your response. My room is 15x14 and I listen to music and watch movies 50/50.
Current System:
X-Box(dvd player also)
Philips CD Player
Akai A-90 (dual square 10" woofers 200w)
Kenwood VR-6070 THX DTS-ES receiver
last and definately least, Jensen JS-1000 sub- it is a junky peice of crap, i wish i could throw it out my window. Hope all this extra info helps. p.s. I found those speakers for 149.50 on the net, is that an awsome deal as the webpage says the retail is over 700$us? How can they be selling such good speakers for so little?

I have heard of BIC speakers, but there is nothing I have seen on the specs that are printed which would indicate whether they are half decent or horrible. The amount of woofers a speaker has and their size means almost nothing. The frequency response range means almost nothing either, as the specs don't tell you the distortion levels at various frfequencies and at those frequencies loudness levels. For all I know it could go down to 30 Hz at moderate loudness with very high distortion and sound terrible, or have bumps in the frequencies along the way.

I haven't seen any graphs plotting their frequencies against loudness and distortion. I never trust individual reviews on speakers like this--as quite often those people have little experience with what good speakers sound like. I haven't seen any reputable magazine reviews either.


The first speakers I ever upgraded to were BIC speakers that I got at Pacific Stereo in 1975. Sold them in 1976. Alas, poor the Pacific Stereo chain died about 15 years ago and I have not heard BIC speakers since. Sorry.
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