Where to find a Pioneer Elite


William Joseph
I am very interested in buying a 55tx or 55txi Pioneer Elite, however there is not a store near where I live to purchase. Is there a reliable online or phone call store where these products can be purchased? I have seen prices all other the map, and am a little leery of just picking one and don't want to over pay.

I have heard both live in stores or homes recently so I feel very comfortable with their quality and sound through the set-up I have at home. Are their equivelents to these receivers that would be possible? Thanks...

yes. www.6ave.com and www.unclestereo.com I have purchased product with both companies and their service was exceptional. They double box their merchandise. You may also want to try www.hookedontronics.com too. I got my Elite 43tx (only $448.00 USD!!) from them and everything was as promised.

Hope this helps.

William Joseph
Thanks, I will check both stores...

I have seen the 55txi at $1050 or so.

William Joseph
Is that somewhere you can order it, and they are reputable?

I have seen the 55txi at hookedontronics.com for $1,038. Very good deal. They are reputable and as long as you pay with a credit card you keep yourself protected. Never pay with check, money order, or cash.

William Joseph:

I recommend Kiefs, who carries Pioneer Elite. Get the phone number from their website at http://www.kiefs.com/directory.html. They will generally sell them at 20% off new products. Great service, too.

William Joseph
Thanks for the info. I will check these out...
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