Speaker level, same as volume?


Hello, I was wondering - when I adjust the speaker levels on my receiver to +8 db for instance is this the same as if I would turn the volume up by 9 db?
Thanks for help

any one?

The only way to tell with any accuracy is to borrow or buy ($40) Radio Shack SPL Meter and take your own measurements. Only then can you tell how accurate anything is. Otherwise you are operating on guesswork and faith.

Thanks, I actually ment is if the speaker level adjustments basicly just turn up the master volume for that section?

I would read the manual and see if the manufacturer has numbers corresponding with actual db levels. I am always fearful that many controls from volume controls with numbers to speaker controls with numbers are often arbitrary and bear no resemblance to actual db increments.

Like the movie Spinal Tap when the bass player says most amps only go up to 10, but his is extra special loud and goes up to 11 :-)

When in doubt either read the manual or e-mail (phone) the manufacturer.
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