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Does anyone knows any differences between the h/k receivers made for America and those made for Europe? I need to buy one in Europe (Israel) so apparently the avr230 and avr330 that i've come to know in canada don't exist here. I was wondering if the europe products are equivalent to those of america - there's a harman kardon international site that shows the european receivers, but it's confusing.
Also how would a h/k receiver compare to an onkyo one - used mostly for music but some HT.


Also, how would a NAD unit compare to those two in terms of sound quality and price.
It's my first receiver and my budget is very tight, so I'm looking for the best sound quality for the best price, and it will be used mostly for music (mostly classical).
I know that Hawk has been recommending the NAD for everyone, but then again - is it;s price reasonable for the quality?


I think you would enjoy the NAD more, especially for music, which is where NAD really excels. I don't think you could find a better brand for music. The prices between similarly powerd H/K and NAD models will be about the same, with the NAD's maybe even being a bit cheaper. Since NAD is coming out with a new line in the next few weeks, the xx2 models will be priced very low. Definately something to look at.

Thanks Johnny

What do you think about the Onkyo - are they cheaper than the NAD?
And is it true that the NAD isn't good for HT?


By the way - is true that the NAD and Onkyo use the same power supplies in their units?

I would have to know what Onkyo model you are talking about to be able to give you prices. Overall, Onkyo makes a great receiver. I used to have an Onkyo, and it performed very well. However, I upgraded the Onkyo to an NAD and could not be happier. The differences in sound quality are very noticable. Whomever told you that NAD is not good for HT must have never actually heard one in a HT setting, in my opinion. It is true that NAD does stick to a "music first" philosophy, but as they say on their website, if the music sounds good, then the HT should also. An accurate rendition of music tracks requires a very detailed receiver, which would also logically carry over to HT. As I have reported on other forums, this is exactly what I love about my NAD...the detail in movies that it provides. For example (I hope you don't get disgusted by this), one scene in a movie that really stuck out in my mind was the first few minutes of "Saving Private Ryan". As the soldiers are riding the Higgins boats across the channel, getting ready to storm Omaha Beach, many of the terrified soldiers begin vomiting. I know this sounds really gross, but with the NAD, you can hear the vomit hitting the floor of the boat, and it is very pronounced and life-like. Yes, I could have probably found a less graphic example, but it is the most glaring example I could come up with right now. I am an American history teacher, and watch this movie often, and I never heard that kind of detail with my old Onkyo. So, I would definately recommend the NAD for music or HT.

As for the NAD's and Onkyo's having the same power supplies, I don't know. I have not heard that, but that in no way means that it is not true. Bottom line...you won't go wrong with either the Onkyo or NAD. Both would provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment...I just think you would be much more satisfied with the NAD, especially if you are concerned with "getting the best sound quality for the best price" as you say above.

Thanks - your helping a lot.

I just found that even the NAD 742 is much more expensive than the Onkyo 501 (at least where I live it's about $880 vs $600). So do you think there's much of a difference in sound quality between those 2 products? the Onkyo is arround my budget, the NAD - as much as I would like to get it - is too expensive for now.
Do you have any other receiver in mind for the same price range that could compete with these ones in terms of sonic quality?

Thanks again - you're really helping here...

When you quote your prices, are they US, Canadian, or something else? Here in the US, the Onkyo is $299 US at Circuit City, and the cheapest I have heard of for the T742 is $449, so there is about $150 US difference, at least here. I have no idea what your prices are over there (in Israel?). I also don't know what your budget is, and how flexible this budget is, so that is a choice you are going to have to make for yourself.

I do think you would see a pretty significant difference in sound quality between the Onkyo and NAD, at least in my mind. Like I said, I owned both, and can see a huge difference. But once again, that is something you have to decide for yourself. You are the only one who knows what amount of difference in sound is worth the extra money...in my mind it would definately be worth it, but I am not you, and I am not in your specific financial situation. Also, have you auditioned either of these two models? I would not recommend buying blind, based solely off of what people are saying on this board. Every person has their own listening preferences. I prefer the sound of NAD, while I am sure others prefer the sound of Onkyo. It is all a matter of personal preference. My best advice is to go audition both of these units, under as similar conditions as possible. If you think the Onkyo sounds better, get it, no matter what people on here say. If you think the NAD is better, and you think it is better enough to spend the extra money, then get the NAD. Your ears will tell you which is better, not me.

As for other models to look at in the price range, the only others I can think of are the lower end H/K models (AVR-125 or AVR-130...both around $400 US) or the lower end Denon model (AVR 1604...$399 US). They are all very nice receivers, and all within a hundred dollars of the Onkyo you mentioned. Hope this helps.

The prices I gave is the equivalent of the prices I got in Israel in US Dollars - so this really makes for a huge difference in prices between the countries - maybe I should think of bringing one from USA or Canada. The Harman Kardon models here are different from the American ones - and I'm not sure what this really means.
I auditioned the Onkyo receiver, but couldn't yet find the NAD - just heard so man wonderful things about it.
I don't like yamaha at all, so I'm not consdering it anymore.
I wish prices here could be lower..... my budget is arround $600 US - maybe a little more. I guess in America I could get some good receiver for that money, but not so here...

Do you ever travel to Europe? I don't know what type of electrical current or actual "plug" you use in Israel (I am not sure what the technical names of these are), but maybe you could purchase a unit in Europe and bring it with you to Israel, or have it shipped to Israel. Just make sure the power current requirements are the same. This way, maybe you could save some money. Like you said, for $600 US, you could get a really nice receiver here, or even in Europe.
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