Yamaha RX-V640 vs NAD T752


Greg Kurtz

I mostly listen to Classic Rock and some Jazz and Classical. I'm looking for a more warm sound. I also feel that my reciever is the weak link.

How much of an improvement (if any) would the NAD be?

50% HT and 50% Music. My setup is below.

Thanks, Greg

Turntable - Rega P2/RB300 (Incognito wired)/Grado Reference Platinum

Preamp - Creek OBH-8SE

Reciever - Yamaha RX-V640

Speakers - Infinity Alpha 40 (Bi-wired)

Greg I would try the NAD T752. Even though I am a Yamaha fan, i think that for music the NAD will beat the Yamaha.

Right now listening to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue on NAD 762 and Paradigm Reference Studio 60 and am in heaven. NAD is best sound receiver for stereo that I have heard.

No comparison, go for the NAD.

John A.
With NAD you will need to continue to use the pre-amp for its phono input (or else get a dedicated phono pre-amp). But it will be worth it and there is no trade-off. That turntable is pure gold. What is a great system


I would also endorse the NAD as a huge step up sonically. I have the luxury of having a dealer nearby that has both lines and I have listened to both extensively, head to head, thanks to his kindness. The NAD is so much better, especially when listening to music. It is both warmer and more focused, which is the best of both worlds. Additionally, it is more dynamic than the Yamaha.

You have a wonderful list of components there. I was particularly struck by the Creek phono pre-amp. Are you happy with it? I am looking for a good phono pre-amp for myself.

Greg Kurtz

I have a Clearaudio Micro Basic in addition to the Creek OBH-8SE. Cannot tell any difference between the both of them. I will sell one of them if I ever decide. One advantage of the Clearaudio is that it's both MM and MC while the Creek is just MM. Paid $220 for the Creek and $225 for the Clearaudio. Just can't decide. However, I'm sold on the NAD. Concerned about the quality issues I've read about on this board but lured by the warmness of the sound.


My post below may be obvious comments to most, but I feel that these need to be said here:

All hi-tech HT amps models have glitches, bad units problem issues.

What's important is Honesty, Acknowledgement and Repsonse.

NAD has been able to apply these fundemantals to handling these bugs in units and with the direct contact to NAD engineers/support staff I have been able to iron out my issues to my satisfaction.

What it boils down to is -- if you like the sound, do not be consumed by the bugs being discussed here as they are the ramblings of a few of us who have had the issues and even though we have had issues we are very lothed to give our NAD's up.

Even if (and this is an *IF*) you get a bitter lemon of a unit...be assured that at least we have been getting assistance and results from NAD on these issues. Further, if you are really concerned about the bugs todate, before you purchase contact NAD for a current serial number / batch range that is the most bug free and then request information to the closet dealer to you who was shipped units in this serial number range - and order a unit in this serial number through that dealer.

This way, out the box you will have more confidence about the bugs seen todate being a non-issue for you. NAD has a reputation of progressively ironing out issues on each new offering before releasing a new model of that offering.

I am seriously looking into the NAD 752 but want to keep open the possibility of upgrading to full 7.1. Does this unit have that capability or do I need to spent the extra cash for the 773?


I own the NAD 752 for about a week and a half and have been very happy with the sound that's been described many times on this board. The NAD 752 has preamp outs that allows you to add a separate stereo amp to make it 7.1. In fact, I have a spare Acurus A150 amp that I have tried connecting to the NAD 752 and everything worked as advertised. I'm currently not using the Acurus amp since I don't really think 7.1 adds much to the sound experience. Especially since my room is relatively small. It may be better in a larger room, but until then, I'm more than happy without the 7.1. I think the most likely reason that I'm not hearing much of an improvement is that over 90% of DVD's out there are created in only 5.1.

I'm sure the T773 is awesome, but I'm not that rich and I don't have a stadium for a room. The T752 more than meets my and I imagine most people's needs.

As for those who thinks the NAD is better only in stereo sound, I urge you to compare it's HT surround sound to the likes of Yamaha/Denon, I think you'll find that even in HT surround, the NAD sounds much more natural and dynamic. The only thing the others have over NAD is the million DSP modes which I think causes more distortions than enhancements...but that's my opinion. Some people may enjoy the DSP's. Happy listening!

I that is exactly what I needed to hear. I thank you and my wallet thanks you.

I am using the 752 as a prepro with AMC amps and the 752 I have now has the version 1.22 software. Everything works flawlessly and the sound is simply awesome. I had tried two 752s about six months back and returned both for QC reasons but this time my dealer assured me and I like the NAD sound so it was a no-brainer for me.
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