Kenwood VR6070


I have a Kenwood VR6070 A/V Receiver. While very satisfying for movies/tv, I find that it falls short with music. If I use the preouts and connect to a separate amplifier, should I expect to obtain a different characteristic sound or better sound quality (i.e a warmer, richer sound)? Of course I understand that it depends on the amp so say for instance one from Adcom?


What speakers are you using? I would be willing to bet that the speakers are fine for movies, but aren't the flattest in frequency response when you don't have tv or movies to distract you and you are concentrating on music only.

With an equalizer and or an SPL Meter you will be able to balance the speakers in relation to the room as good as possible---but it still won't turn a sows ear into a silk purse.

In my experience, speakers that are truly great for movies are also great for music. What I find with most people is that the sound they are willing to accept for movies and tv's is quite different than what pleases them in serious music listening.

A Krell amp and Krell Pre-amp won't make mediocre speakers sound like ProAc's, Magneplanar's, or other top drawer speakers.

This is not to say you can't get good speakers that perform very well in both music and theatre surround at somewhat reasonable prices (below $2,000 for the 5.1 speaker set-up)---like Ascend's, Axiom's, Aperion's, etc.

Al Holland
I previously owned a 6070. It was used with Paradigm Monitor 11's. These may not be the best but they are on par with most speakers costing much more. The 6070 definitely fell short on music as a stand alone receiver. When I used it as a pre/pro with a Parasound amp music improved drastically.
BTW, the 6070 was fantastic for movies.
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