Yamaha RXV2400 & Denon AVR3083 Owner !!!


Yamaha RXV2400 & Denon AVR3083 Owner ! Please help. I've bought a 2400 and a 3803 online from the US website half hour ago. Can you please tell me am I be able to use it in Australia which the AC power input is AC220-240. Is there a 'voltage selector' at the back? Please help, I'll have to cancel my order if I cant use them here in Australia. Thanks for your time and help.

I want to get the Yam rxv2400 myself and bring to nz. Did u find out the answer to this question. Did u cancel or have u received your amps. Please let me know how u get on.


No. There is no voltage selector. The power supplies are voltage specific. You might be able to get a local dealer to put a correct power supply into your receiver, or you can always use a voltage adaptor.

Do u know anyone that will do that?

If I use a voltage adaptor - will the amp be compromised in anyway or is it just a case of plug it in and away it goes?

Is there any issues regarding the TV system which is PAL - will that effect the video side of things?

People bring their electronic equipment from the US to overseas and vice versa all the time. Go to a Radio Shack or some other electronics company that is local to where you live. They all sell voltage adaptors. It is no big deal--millions use them from receivers, tv's, to electric razors.

I currently own a yamaha receiver from the late 80's and, am currently considering either the rx v1400/2400, in preparation for an overdue upgrade in the family room (HDTV). Can anyone shed some light if I'm moving in the right direction, and if so which unit would be best for the upgrades.

You do not want to get a voltage adaptor or convertor since voltage convertors are electronic devices that can do weird things to electronic devices that connect to them. In addition, voltage adaptors are not designed for prolonged use and will heat up(possible fire hazard?). Instead, get a correctly rated step-down voltage transformer(x-former). You can leave x-former on 24/7 but not convertor. Figure out the total power in Watts that you need(500W according to the RX-v2400 manual), plus additional power for DVD, CD, etc. That is the minimum power you have to have if using a single x-former. More power does not hurt but underpower, you will have problems. You can get one x-former to handle all that load or use multiple x-formers for your different components, you work the math.

I am interested to get this receiver but I am afraid to I buy the US version with NTSC video systems. Will I have problem when I move to Asia that uses PAL video systems? Does the video input passively accepts the incoming video signal regardless and send to the monitor in the same incoming format?
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