Receiver Suggestion.


I am getting some Valdus 500 speakers in a few days and I am wondering what kind of receiver could push them.
They are 200watts rms and I am at a loss for what receivers to even start looking at to power something like these.


I would say a high end harmon kardon receiver..or a high end pioneer elite..those are the only 2 that I can think of...but guess what, I use Dcm speakers and those are also 200 wtts rms and 400wtts peak..I am still saving up for an H/K 525....

So if I want to spend around 500 dollars on a receiver am I out of luck?

Nope not at all...I would stear you towards the H/K 325...this puppy has some power..even though it may sound weak by specs, it will power those speaker amply...I am guessing you wont even have to turn this sucker all the way up to go deaf...or at least some real ear can also check out some Marantz stuff too...good luck..Max

P.S. I am still searching for a receiver too!!

John A.
Luke, Max:

Passive speakers do not have Watts rms. The power figures are the maximum the manufacturer thinks they can safely take.

Get a quality receiver with low distortion. In general, a more powerful amp will have lower distortion. BUT some makers go to great lengths to conceal bad real power ratings, and come close to lying: they put more into their adverstising and legal departments than into the product.

Some don't. Recommended:-

Thanks guys, I am going to decide between the Outlaw 1050, NAD T742, and h/k 325.

The Wharfedale Valdus 500 is a highly efficient and easy to drive speaker. Accuracy isn't its strong suit--playing loud is its strong suit.It doesn't have a very flat frequency response. It is more like a PA type of speaker. One often finds this speaker on on bids from $150-$300. Even though they say it lists for $1000/pr, I doubt there is a soul that ever paid more than $500 for them--most paid considerably less.

My nephew Ted had a (Brit) roomate in college with these speakers and they played fine with an inexpensive Pioneer 810 receiver. They are good for dance mix music and heavy metal or loud rock. I wouldn't spend more than $300 on a receiver for this set up.

An Outlaw, NAD, or HK won't make their sound more accurate or delicate. They won't become Aperions, Paradigm Atoms, Ascends, Axiom;s, or PSB Alpha's if played with an OUtlaw or a NAD. They are what they are--a fairly raucous tower speaker that is good for a beer party or just loud general listening.

If you want to spend $500 on a receiver you should get speakers that could really benefit from that.
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