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Dear All,

I have a 25 year old stereo audio system. It consists of Marantz PM 750 DC stereo amplifier, a Marantz Stereo Tuner and two stereo loudspeakers by Wharfedale (Laser 120). The loudspeaker rating is 6 Ohms.

The syetm works fine with tape cassette deck, turn table, cd player, my laptop and from any other modern device such as an

If I connect a sub woofer to the system, will it improve or destroy the performance

I have two sets of Loudspeaker out puts so I can connect another set of speakers with the existing set up.

Much obliged.

Thank you.


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Your best bet is a powered sub.
Connected with the speaker level wiring, it will take the lows to the sub and pass the higher frequencies on to the main speakers. The amp in the stereo will see a lighter load and perhaps perform better. Your main speakers will see less of the low frequencies and they too will perform better. a win-win.
Don't buy too cheap on the sub.
HSU, SVS and Outlaw make good entry level subs. Others may be along and have other suggestions.

I don't know about those speakers but given there vintage, a sub could help and transfer to the next system when the current stuff finally goes south.

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Dear Leo,

Thank you for your response. I have been looking at two entry level subs. 1 Sony SA-W2500 at 100 watts, and 2 Polk Audio PSW10 at 50 watts. Both are powered and they are in the range of $100.

I have also looked at Athena 15391 AS-P4000 which is slightly on the expensive side but gives more features.

Shall I connect only the left channell into the Sub or shall I acquire a Y-connection to feed both left and right channells into the Sub?

Thank you for your interest.



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The PSW10 is good if you like a very flabby mono-note boom sound, the Sony imagine is not much better, if not worse. Out of those three I'd opt for the Athena.

Just the left connection into the sub is fine. It's mono anyway.

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I assume you'll be auditioning the sub before purchase. One piece of advice don't get impressed by lots of bass, the sub should make it's presence known only at certain times.
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