Bought Pioneer Elite 55txi know which Dvd player?


I followed recomendations of buying Pioneer elite 55txi vs denon 3803 or yamaha 2400. Got it for 1100 no tax. It will take 2 weeks for shipping. The next problem is I have a older panasonic Dvd player(top of line at purchase time progessive scan and hdtvs were not even out when i bought) I need to get new player. Looking for suggestions. My HDTV does not have DVI since i bought it a couple years ago.(Problem with buying new technology is new style inputs come out a few months after u buy)

I was checking out Denon 2200 which looks good.
The brands I can get are denon, pioneer, panasonic, and sony.

Or should I wait seeing that samsung has put out there quisi hddvd other companies are gonna follow suite but the question is in when?

Since you have the new Elite 55 with firewire output I would go with the Elite dv-47ai dvd player. Perfect match and great player.

I would second the recommendation of elitefan--the Pioneer Elite is a fine unit that does a better job on the sound than does the Denon.

I "third" the recommendation. I have the 49txi and the 47ai player. Great combo.

I am probably going to buy the new 59avi when it comes out in a couple of months to replace the 47avi. Probably stupid on my part to spend $1299 for the $1600 list 59avi, but I feel like I "deserve" a new toy, since my better half just used my AMEX card and spent a small fortune on fancy shoes, over-priced clothes, and airline tickets to her parents in NYC for Thanksgiving :-)

So I'll probably give someone a bargain on a 47avi soon before that sweet bundle of PMS tells me to give the dvd player to her parents.:-)

Your above post has to be my favorite since I've been on this site. What great insight into the marriage dynamic. Do you have a PHD in psychology or what?! My advice is th buy the new 59 and don't even tell your wife. After all, women don't care about this stuff anyway! Good luck and talk to you later.

I second elite fan on buy it and don't tell her she will never notice. Since i buy my speakers through tweeter and the have the upgrade thing were u turn your used speakers in and get what you paid for them as long as your new ones cost more. I have upgraded to more expensive speakers and since they look relatively the same only a little taller or bigger my girl has not even noticed.

I love quote "that sweet bundle of pms" that is classic. reminds me of my girl......wait a sec thats all women.

So what will the new 59avi have that the 47avi does not? Should i wait it out? I looked on there website and have seen nothing about it.

Ok found info on 59avi but what is this HDMI connection they are talking about? Is it a DVI connector or something new. My HDTV has no DVI connections which sucks but oh well.

Dave--HDMI is the new chipset for audio and video DVI made by Silicon Imaging. Pioneer Elite went all out on the soon to be released 59AVi dvd player. It will have HDMI (DVI) -firewire (i-link), and the new T-REX chipset that will upgrade all standard dvd's you own that play at 480 pixels to 1080 HDTV quality. From what I understand, if you have a dvd recorder, you can record a standard show, movie, or sporting event on dvd disc and then play it on the 59AVi to upgrade the quality to HDTV. Time consuming, expensive--but cool.

Now the 47AVi is excellent for those with a firewire receiver --such as the 55txi, 49txi, and excellent even with other Elites without i-link. Actually at the new price it will be a bargain for those who want a quality universal progressive player without a Pioneer receiver. Afterall, the next best unit is the Denon 2900 at $999.

The 47Avi's dual i-Link outputs pass both multi-channel music formats (DVD-Audio, SACD) in the digital domain to a receiver (like the VSX-49TXi or 55txi) with a single cable, for unprecedented purity and convenience. As an audio player, the DV-47Ai plays DVD Audio, multi-channel SACD (Super Audio CD), CD, CD-R, and MP3 discs, ensuring compatibility with all key audio formats. Triple 192kHz/24bit audio DACs, six-channel audio output, and the latest in surround decoding provide a excellent audio performance. And as a video player, the DV-47Ai plays DVD-Video and DVD-R/RW, and features 108MHz/12-bit video processing and Pioneers PureCinema progressive scan for excellent video. Its' excellent Bass Management lets you control the amount of bass sent to your speakers, for better multi-channel sound (and added speaker protection). It has much better bass management than over 95% of all receivers I have seen. The former list of $1200 is now $900 and that price will probably drop to between $600 and $700 soon. It is still a great universal player for those with no DVI on their HDTV's, but still have either firewire or component connections.

I will probably sell and ship for free my 47avi to a deserving (or an undeserving) individual for $450--maybe even $400 and then use my Denon 2900 in the meantime until the new 59AVi is released sometime in winter. I know I am crazy--I will take about a $500 hit just by owning the 47avi for less than a year.

So the 47AVi would be ideal for you, as you have the ability to take advantage of the firewire and you have the component connections on your monitor. So you could connect the monitor to your receiver by component connections and the receiver to the dvd player with firewire. Or you could bypass the receiver and connect the dvd player directly to the monitor as the dvd player also has component connections.

Well--she who must be obeyed is calling. Take care y'all. Damn, you'd think since I am the one that makes 95% of the money I'd be emancipated by now:-)


HDMI one-ups DVI (Digital video interface) by delivering through a single cable digital video (which is what DVI does) as well as digital multi-channel audio from HDMI-enabled sources (some HDTV set-top boxes, some DVD players, and digital video recorders, for example) to an HDMI-enabled TV. DVI by comparison, transmits only video from a DVI-equipped source (DVD player or an HDTV set-top box for instance) to a DVI-enabled TV.

Currently, Panasonic, Meridian, and Pioneer are irst off the blocks with HDMI. Others will follow next year to be sure.

IN tv's the following have HDMI--Panasonic 42" and 50" plasma's--the TH-42PX20 and the TH-50PX20.

The Pioneer 50" and 43" plasma's PRO-1110HD, PDP-5040HD, PRO-910HD, and PDP-4340HD. Also Pioneer elite 50" and 43" plasama's: PRO-1000HDI and PRO-800HDI.

Pioneer Elite (64" and 53")and Panasonic (53") also have some new rear projection HDMI sets.

Sony has a few HDMI front projectors.

Pioneer Elite has the 59avi universal HDMI dvd player
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