Dolby Pro Logic IIx for new Yamaha 1400 and 2400


i just got off the phone with yamaha and i found out that yamaha is going to get the Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoder put into the new shipments of the rx-v1400 and the rx-v2400!!!! be on the look out because Yamaha said that the new shipments will be out by mid-december of this year!!! Also Yamaha said that there will be a marking of some sort that will say that the 1400 and the 2400 will have the Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoder built-in!!!!!

here is the website to dolby about the dolby pro logic IIx. also yamaha told me that if anybody bought the rx-v1400and the rx-v2400 now, they will have to send the receiver to yamaha and they will do the upgrade for free!!!!!!! and click on DPL IIx link.
hey elitefan do you know if any of the Pioneer Elites will have this upgrade? Please email me back!!!

I don't have any info on Elite's adding ProLogicIIx. The new models don't as far as I have seen. Not important to me anyway as my main system is and will always stay 5.1 as I use the other 2 channels to power my kitchen speakers.
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