Pioneer Elite vsx-41tx or vsx-43tx ?


I can get the 41 online for about $380 delivered and the 43 for about $500 delivered. Is the $120 worth the upgrade? Or should I go with the 41 and buy a center speaker.

BTW: I have Klipsch fronts and old MTX bookshelfs that I'm using as surrounds

I would opt for the 43 as it has a bigger power supply and is better built than the 41. The 41 is a very nice unit especially for $380 but for $500 the 43 is worth the extra money. The 43 should be a good match for your Klipsch and should tame some of the bright traits of those speakers. Also the 43 has better dsp chips and better dacs.

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Thanks Elitefan. I was hoping you'd reply to this. I have learned a lot from you and Hawk over the past week or so. Before I started reading the posts on this message board, I was all set to buy a Denon. You have converted me.

Question though. Are you confident that the 43 w/o a center channel speaker would be better than a 41 with center?

Also I have seen a 26tx for about $300. Do you have an opinion on that receiver.
Thanks again

yes Elitefan, if you could help me too that would be great... i bought the 6070 about a week ago and am having 2 problems 1-the volume knob is loose so it will have to go back for warranty and 2- it wont drive 6 ohm speakers. SO i am thinking of trading it for the 26 for 30$us more and i would love your opinion on that receiver. Also would you trade the 6070 for the 26?

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I did not know it was the 41 plus center or 43 without. Can't you swing the 43 and a center? If not then go with the 41. You have to have a center to have a real home theater system and don't skimp on it as it's the most important speaker in the system.
I would make that trade in a heartbeat. Even thought the 26 is 2 years old at least it's a far better receiver than any regular line Kenwood. It won't have ProLogic II though.

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I Don't think I can swing the 43 and a center now. I would have to wait on the center for a while. Whereas I might be able to get the 41 and a center now.

Let me know if you find a 26tx. Ecost is out of stock. I don't know that I would get it if it were available though. I read a lot of posts of people having terrible probles with the 26 volume cutting out or not coming on at all.
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