Buying experience with Saturday Audio?


I'd like to hear from anyone with good or bad experiences buying equipment from these guys.

I'd really like to hear about any warrenty issues that arose and how they handled it.


I bought a NAD T762 receiver from Saturday Audio two weeks ago. I have nothing but good things to say about them. They are based out of Chigago. They are only open on Thursday nights, Saturday and Sunday afternoons...thus keeping their overhead costs down. This allows them to sell their merchandise at a very discounted rate. I began cooresponding via email with the owner of the store, his name is Andy I think (email available on the Saturday Audio site) a few weeks before my purchase. He was very helpful and always responded to my emails within a few hours. In one of his emails he told me that the receiver I was looking at was going to be replaced by a newer model, and thus would be discounted even more. They only had a few more of the older model in stock, so I had to act fast. However, I didn't have the money to buy the receiver that day, so Andy held one for me over a busy weekend of selling, without any form of deposit. I was very surprised. It doesn't make sound business sense to hold an item that probably could be sold to someone else without any form of deposit, especially considering he had never met me before. But that's what he did!! When I did get the money together, I called the store to actually make my order (they do not accept orders via email or the internet). The salesman was very helpful and answered all of my questions satisfactorally. In under 10 minutes I was done. My receiver arrived via UPS three days later.

So far, I have no advice on warranty issues as my unit has had no troubles. They are a factory authorized dealer for all brands they sell, so warranty issues should be no problem. If their actions toward me when buying the receiver are any indication, any warranty issues that arose would be handled in a professional manner. I hope this helps..good luck!!

I've baught from them too: A Carver 5 channel amp, some Celestian speakers, an old DBX 228, a Sony TAE-1000ES Pre-amp, speaker stands and many other things over the years.

I litterally used to live less than a block from a store on Clark and Oakton and they were all to happy to feen my addiction.

They had good prices (especially B-Stock) and I never had a problem returning anything, listening to stuff and getting questions answered.

No problems
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