Jamo E800 Isn't That Bad for the SR4300


Hifi Newbie
I wanted to change my cheapo speakers and went to audit the Diamond 8.2 and the 5 star AE Evo 1. I picked Evo 1 in the end. As I paid and wait for the store owner to bring out the goods, he ask me to audit the Jamo E800. I was reluctant but hack, no harm listening to it.

I was amazed by the level of detail this E800 pours out. The violin and trumpet detail is far better than the Evo 1 and 8.2, the treble is also better and the music really stands out compared to the Evo 1.

Only bad thing is bass is lacking. However, its quite tight. You may or may not like it, depending on taste. The bass isn't really a for me as I already have my sub woofer for the job.

I doubt the E800 receives any good review (if it was ever reviewed) but I find it very to believe that there is something that could beat the 5 star Evo 1 and cost almost the same (E800 cost about 20 pounds more).
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