Denon 3803 vs pioneer eliteVSX-55TXi or 53TX


I have Boston Acoustics VR950 mains VR920 center and CR75 rears I will be buying another set of bostons so I have enough speakers for 7.1. Which receiver would be best for this set up. I mainly use for movies 65% of the time 35% is music. I listen to heavy metal. Such as Korn Pantera Slayer Slipknot Mudvanye and the like for those who might know these bands. I like the bright sound of boston but not overwhelming like Klipsh which sound harsh to me. So if if I could get peoples opinions on which receiver would be best for my case that would be great. Also I have been unable to find a store which has a matching setup so I can compare myself. I have looked online and compared specs and they are relatively the same I just need recommindations from peoples personal experiences. Thanks

I have owned both the Denon 3803 and now the Elite 45 and the Elite is a far better receiver. The Denon is very bright and not user friendly at all. If your BA's are at all on the bright side the Elite's can tame that where the Denon only makes the problem worse. The vocal sibilance and harshness of the 3803 is overwhelming. I had it with older Def Techs which were very mellow and the system was basically unlistenable to my ears. The Elite changed that and is the perfect match with my new Monitor Audio speakers which are on the bright side. Go with the 55txi if you can spend the extra couple hundred dollars.

Mr. Elite,

Which Monitors do you have? any suggestions there?? looking at the s10's paired with an integra amp... will look at the elite now though

I have a small room so went with the S2 for mains, the S1 for surrounds and the Silver center. If you can afford the S10 go for it. The Integra is a very good receiver and would be fine with Monitors but I would look at as many brands as posssible.
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