Onkyo HT 510 vs. Harman Kardon 325 W/ Athenas


Golden Ear
Hello, I have been reading and reading for hours though all these wonderful discussions and now am wondering what I should do. I have The Athena Point 5 package,(which I am very, very pleased with)with the jbl pb-12 bass, and just recently ordered a refurbished Onkyo HT510 reciever by its self from the HTS760 Speaker package for only $125.00
Now I am reading all about the Harman Kardon 325
and wondering if it is well worth the extra $300
to spend over the Onkyo. I heard both of them are excellent at taming speakers on the bright side. If you were me would you stick with the excellent deal with the onkyo or whip out more of your hard earned cash for the harmon kardon, my wife will kill me but its not like you buy this stuff everyday and I just want to get the best for my money.
The only information I could find on this onkyo receiver is on onkyos website under downloads, manual and that has all the specs.
Thanks for any info

I was wondering where you got it for $125. I have ordered a refurbished one from ecost at $149. But they don't have it in stock.

Adolf Hitler
I first owned the Onkyo for the last 6 months and THOUGHT I knew what quality was, until I bought the Harmon/Kardon AVS325. I just replaced the Onkyo with the Harmon and wow, What a HUGE difference! I can not stress enough to you what a difference there is between the two. The H/K sounds sooo much cleaner and more detailed than the Onkyo did. I can hardly believe my ears when I pop in "Lord of the rings" on DVD. The surround speakers sound so much fuller and richer and the additional rear center speaker (6.1) wraps you in the movie. Not only that but the front speakers sound so much more detailed and the front center speaker sounds amazingly clear. The H/K has Dolby Digital EX, and DTS-ES 6.1. The H/K is the best A/V receiver i've ever heard.

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Hebrew Hammer
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Golden Ear:

I am supposing you want an earnest answer to your question. I have no idea what is going on with this thread.

Nevertheless, I have to agree with "Adolf" here that there is a huge difference in clarity and clean sound in getting the H/K 325 over the Onkyo 510. The Onkyo is nothing more than a refurbished receiver from a Home Theater In A Box (HTIB) set that has been stripped out. It was never meant to be sold alone because it cannot compete on its own against a good component receiver. I haven't looked lately to quote the figures, but I know the H/K has a much better signal/noise ratio, lower distortion, and a stronger amp section. Most importantly, it will have much better resolution of the sound as it has better DACs and a much better DSP. It will enable you to hear dialogue in a DVD much more clearly and the music from CDs will sound a whole lot better.

Is it worth an additional $300? To me, it is. Easily.
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