Denon 3803 and Boston Acoustic Speakers


I am looking to buy a new receiver and up in the air on what to get. Currently I use a yamaha reciver and I love it but i want 6.1 or 7.1 right now. My speakers are all Boston Acoustics VR920 center VR950 mains and CR75 rears.

Ok now what to choose I am going through a friend who can get employee discount so my choices are kinda limited. I can get most Yamaha stuff except 1400 and 2400, Denon, Pioneer, and H&K. I was thinking of the denon 3803.


Of the brands you listed, I like the H/K the most and it isn't close. If you are thinking of a Denon 3803 (which I have and have come to loathe), look into the last of the H/K 7200 receivers which are being replaced by a newer model (as will the 3803 before long). It is a marvelous receiver with gobs of real power. My Denon is rated at 110 wpc, but I would be very surprised if it did 65 wpc on a good day. Alternatively, I think the H/K 525 is a very fine receiver as well and will cost you less. H/Ks have a better power supply than any of the other brands you list and have all of the functionality of the other brands.

I also think H/K is a better choice for the speakers that you have. The "VR" designation tells me that they have the "Lynnfield" tweeter, which is a ring tweeter with a very hot high end. The sound is very impressive and very detailed. But I think it is a bad match with the Yamaha, which also tends to exaggerate the upper midrange. The sonic charecter of the H/K would be a better match with those speakers.
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