Sony STR-DE985 "Protector" Mode....why...


I have checked all my speaker wire connections, everything is fine. I even have them spread out and tacted so that they do not touch eachother. When the system is on...sometimes I will hear a popping in the speakers...than out of nowhere it'll do it louder and click over into protector mode. Only thing I can think of is maybe a short in one of the speakers...but they were working just fine before I moved the whole system to another room. Any ideas?

I had my computer plugged into the coaxial input when it was doing this...I unplugged it and now its not doing it anymore...yet anyway...been running a dvd off my xbox with optical and s-video and it has yet to do it. When I had the computer plugged into the coaxial plug, I was catching a signal even when I was not playing anything, very small, no noise, but was receiving a small signal.

I also heard from other forums and such that the sony receivers sometimes have bad transistors that easily short. I also read that this is due to the fact that the grounding screws are not tightened all the way. In either case, I would not expect this from sony but I guess you never know.
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