DENON AVR-2803 with PSB Speakers


I just purchased a DENON AVR-2803 and now hear all this great stuff about NAD amps.
Am I screwed here??
I have PSB 6T tower speakers and an older Outlaw amp.
So I am using the DENON as a PRE/PRO with the Outlaw.
Should I can the DENON and go for a NAD??
I know the sound is subjective but sometimes the quality really makes a difference.
I am also considering a upgrade to a PSB subwoofer.
I have a Polk 100w subwoof now..but do not know if an upgrade would be worth $500.
Any feedback appreciated.


I don't think "screwed" would be the right word for it. I think the Denon is a fine receiver, and paired with the Outlaw amp, it probably sounds even better. I listened to the Denon by itself, and it sounded nice. I have never heard the Denon/Outlaw combo, so I can not comment on that. As for the NAD, I have a T762 in my living room now. I am very pleased with it. In my opinion, the 762 sounded a lot better than the 2803, but I listened to them in two different places, so an "apples to apples" comparison could not be made. I definately do not think you should "can" the Denon just because of what you read here. I would however highly advise you to at least go listen to the NAD's. You could probably get a T742 or the newer 743 due out soon for about the same price that you purchased the Denon. As for the "quality" issue that you mention, what type of quality are you talking about? Sound quality or build quality? The sound quality of the NAD is unmatched, in my opinion. However, there are many on this forum who would debate the build quality of the NAD's (i.e. loud "popping" noise when changing listening modes and a very slight delay when playing a CD using a DVD player). I have had no problems with my unit whatsoever, as I have been quick to point out, and doubt that you would either. But, read some of the recent threads dealing with the quality issues of the NAD's and decide whether you think this is something you should be concerned about. Better to see all the points of view now rather than after the fact. As far as the subwoofer goes, once again, take a listen and make a decision. You are the only one who knows whether it is worth $500. Try the PSB out in your home, and if you don't like it, take it back. Hope my rambling helps.
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