Subwoofer crossover question-NAD owners


I was playing around with my new NAD T762 last night and came across a few questions that I had. The first is about setting the subwoofer crossover frequency. How do you know where to set it? I initially set the crossover frequency at 150 hz. I have mediocre Polk speakers that are relatively small. Honestly, I have no rationale behind setting the frequency at 150 hz except for this: in my speaker's owners manual, in the "specifications" chart, it states that the front and surround speakers can go as low as 150 hz, while the subwoofer's upper range level is 150 hz. That is why I set it other reason than that. On my old receiver, it did not allow for a crossover setting, so I have never seen this before.

Two other questions primarily for NAD owners, but anyone else who knows can feel free to chime in as well. First of all...the 762 has a "soft clipping" switch. What is this and do I want it "on" or "off"? the "input settings" menu of the OSD, as you are setting up each video input (i.e. assigning video, audio, and digital inputs), there is a line titled "background". It can be set either to "on" or "off". What does this mean? I have never seen this before either and I can't seem to find any reference to it in the manual. Thanks in advance for any help.

Sounds like 150 hz is correct, but why not try a few different settings and let your ears decide?

I also have a question as to what the soft clipping does. Will it create clicking sounds upon channel changing when in satellite mode?
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