Denon 4802R or Pioneer Elite 49TXi


Here is the A/V systemt that I am thinking about. I would be interested in any opionions.

-Denon 4802R or Pioneer Elite 49Txi
-KEF KHT 2005.2 Speaker system
-Samsung DVD-HD931
-65" Toshiba LCOS HDTV

Not much of an audiophile...more into movies.


I must say, this is an odd collection of components.

The Pioneer Elite 49txi (soon to be superceded by the 59txi) is a great and powerful receiver. But to match this receiver with the fairly inexpensive KEF's is bizarre. You might as well match it to the 55txi (which is still overkill for these speakers).

If you are into movies and are willing to spend the kind of money that the 65" Toshiba LCOS and the Pioneer Elite 49txi costs, you should look into a monitor and a dvd player that has both DVI inputs and fire wire inputs/outputs. This allows you the best connections and the ability to record HDTV (if you so desire on the JVC D-VHS recorder).

Hitachi has a great 65" with both fire wire and DVI as does Mitsubishi on some of their models.

A great receiver/dvd combo would be either the Pioneer Elite 49txi (or the soon to be released 59txi) or the less expensive 55txi and the Pioneer 59AVi dvd player, which will be released in a couple of months. The 59AVi will have both fire wire and HDMI (a sophisticated DVI form). The dvd player can hook directly to the receiver via i-link (fire wire)and hook directly to the Hitachi via HDMI and fire wire. Also, the 59AVi will have the T-REX chipset to upconvert standard dvd discs to HDTV quality---quite a good thing.

Samsung makes an HDTV receiver with DVI and fire wire to receive satellite, air, or cable signals for a HDTV monitor.

Certainly the weak link in this set-up is the speakers, which are far outshone by the other components. Not that they are bad speakers--they are good at the price, but compared to the prices you would be paying on the other equipment it is like going to the movies and listening to a boombox.

Thanks G-Man...that is the type of input i was looking for. I am now thinking about the THX Ultra2 Jamo D 7pex speakers. The reviews say they are great for movies and ok for music.

The Samsung DVD-HD931 has DVI as does the Toshiba LCOS. I would prefer to get the new Pioneer 55txi and 59AVi and I think they come out in January. Any idea of a list price yet on those? I am leaning towards the Toshiba LCOS because is has the highest HDTV resolution possible. Future proof i guess.

Thanks for your feedback. I liked your analogy about the speakers....i definitely shouldn't skimp.

By the way, you never said anything about the Denon 4802R....any thoughts?

I would only get the Toshiba 65" LCOS if it has two-way firewire to go with its DVI input. Read the reviews on the top of the line Hitachi 65" which has 2-way firewire and DVI. It is raved about and at list of $4999 is at least half the price of the Toshiba. It is a great picture (as Hitachi makes all the lenses and major parts) and is considered by many to be the best rear projection tv (Toshiba included) around. Check it out and read the reviews in ecoustics.

The Pioneer Elite 55TXi is out now. Lists at about $1700, but I have seen it at around $1075. The Pioneer Elite universal dvd player --the 59AVi will list at $1600. I have seen it on pre-order at $1299.

I greatly prefer the Pioneer Elite to the Denon. Particularly the 49txi which lists at about $4200, but I have bought at $2600. I imagine the Pioneer Elite 59txi will be at least listed at $4500. What it may be discounted at I can't say. The Elite's with i-link (firewire) all have excellent automatic speaker balancing using an included microphone to make your system perform optimally.

You want great speakers for sound and music? Try the Monitor Audio Gold Reference Series: I have 2 pairs of GR10's (list at between $1495 to $1895) but I bought in beautiful rosemah wood for $1050 per pair. The Gold Reference center channel lists at $995, but I got for $695. I love the HSU VTF-2 at $499 or bthe HSU VTF-3 at $849 self-powered subwoofer with this set-up, although Monitor Audio makes a fine subwoofer themselves.

You will almost never want to go to a movie theatre again after having this set-up.

Why is the 2-way firewire important on the Hitachi. I'm not sure what sources I would use that with. Doesn't the HDCP protocols making DVI the only option?

I'm going to go with the 49txi. Ease of setup will be important for me.

I'm struggling with the speaker decision. I'm probably putting too much importance on the Ultra2 certification of the Jamos', but i will (90% of the time) use them for movies. I listen to music in my car and on my Nomad Zen. I'll check out the Monitor Audios.

Thanks again for your help.

DVI is a one-way and encrypted protocol. You will never be able to make an HDTV recording with DVI. If that is of no interest to you--than by all means ignore the firewire issue.

The reason I like the Hitachi with DVI and 2-way firewire is that you can receive the encrypted HDTV program through the DVI, but then you can pass the signal from the Hitachi through the firewire to a D-VHS recorder. Otherwise you will never be able to record anything in HDTV. If a monitor only has DVI, the encryption won't let you record in HDTV.

Personally, I would like to be able to record HDTV to a JVC Digital VHS recorder (around $500). You can only do this if the monitor has 2-way firewire and the recorder has 2-way firewire--and the HDTV has 2-way firewire.

Samsung also makes an HDTV receiver for monitors that has both DVI and 2-way firewire. So I would rather get an HDTV-compatible set than a set with a built-in HDTV receiver. Gives you far more flexibility.

I just bought the new Panasonic 42" HDTV Plasma TV and am planning to purchase the Pioneer DV59-AVi DVD Player when it comes out. Can anyone recommend a good surround sound receiver to got with this. (I already have a good set of speakers) Thanks.

What speakers are you using and are you planning on keeping them?
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