Title fight between Marantz 5300 and Pioneer ELite VSX-41


I need some war stories on these two receivers. They both fit my budget, the Marantz I get from an authorized dealer for $475, the Pioneer for $500. I'll use it for music 70% and HT the rest.
I have a Denon now, which is much to bright for my speakers and 11 years old.

Who has an opinion on which is best for stereo playback and HT?

me personally i favor towards yamaha. but there are a lot of people on this board say that yamaha is a) too bright and b) have a week power supply.
but i do not care what they say or think what is best. to tell you the truth listen to both of the receivers at home and hook them up to your 11 year old speakers. that right their will determined which ones you think is best. if you did try out yamaha but did not like how they sound, get the Marantz.
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