Old Marantz SR 1000 Stereophonic reciever circa 1980


Russ M.
I have a an old Marantz that I am connecting a new pair of NHT SB3's to because i need speakers that mount on a wall.
I just recently discovered static and crackling in the sound when the unit is turned more than a quarter of the way up. The speakers currently connected to the unit are small ROR bookshelf units of the same era. They have dual 4" woofers, and a tweeter in an unported design. Aside from the "ROR" they are unmarked. I am wondering if this problem is related to the amp or the speakers. If it is the amp, is there any easy thing to do (like cleaning connections or somthing) or will I have to take the unit out for repair? If it could be the speakers, I dont care. I was going to replace those anyway. The amp is worth saving to me.

Yes I have an old Hk receiver that does that sometimes, but I love the sound and will keep.You might look for a tech. that works on classic equipment such as what you have. They can clean the controls and such it might help. It was explained to me what is going on when this starts happening, but I can't explain it.

Sounds like it could be dirty contacts in the volume switch, but it's hard to tell remotely.
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