Connecting a SB Live Value! Sound Card to an OLD Fisher Reciever:


Sal Rana
I have a very old Fisher Reciever (Studio Standard Model - CA 861) that ONLY has analog inputs available on it (yah I know, it is ghetto).

I wanted to hook this up to my Sound Blaster Live Value! card that I have with my Dell Dimension XPS T-500.

I already have a 1/8 Stereo Jack/RCA wire, but I have tried connecting the Stereo jack to every jack on the Sound Card, and still no sound (the RCA wire being plugged into the Vid/Aux. Out).

Is there something in my software settings that I have to change, in Audio HQ, or Surround Mixer, where it will work? Where do I plug the Stereo Jack in if so? Or will this not work at all?

I tried reading the thread below this and couldn't find any information because everyone was using digital outputs.

Any help would be appreciated! =)

Sal Rana
LOL, I just found out I missed one of the jacks on the Sound Card, and when I re-tried everything, WHAM it worked!


Now just when I try and plug anything else into the reciever (in the CD-outputs or anything) there is an AUDIBLE HUM for some odd reason? Anyone know why?

Sal Rana
damn the hum went away too after reconnecting cables.

ah well, I guess I solved my own problems =) haha!
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