Marantz SR-82 MK2


I LOVE this receiver. I loved it even more when it was working. Recently it has decided to just ...quit... ...shut down... Sometimes it works for days before this happens, sometimes only 20 minutes or so. Everything quits, including all displays (clock, etc.). After a while it comes back on again ("a while" being anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours). I suspect some kind of thermal protection circuit has gone FUBAR. I know it's a simple fix. I DON'T want to pay a fortune to an "Authorized Service Center." Does anyone out there have schematics to this beast? HELP!!! E-mail me at

I have the exact same thing happening on my Marantz receiver. A friend told me he thought it could be bad sodering, because I can press on the back panel right above the "outlet" and force it to come back on. But sometimes this only lasts for a couple of minutes. It if VERY frustrating! I would appreciate it if anyone could help me too!!

I'm not sure if you're still watching for responses, but try removing all the screws on the cover (sides and back). If the problem disappears, put them back in one at a time until it reappears, then take that one back out. I've seen this fix problems caused by bad solder connections occasionally; by removing the screws you allow the chassis to "relax" and sometimes this can cure a connection problem. It certainly can't hurt to try.
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