Disappointed so far with NAD T752


Mike vanMeeteren
Well, I bought a T752 after reading all the positive things about the sound of the receiver. It is an incredible receiver, and the sound is beautiful. I, like many others, however, was annoyed by the DSP bugs this receiver has.

So I talk to my dealer, then to NAD, then to my dealer, and they agreed to upgrade the firmware, which is supposed to fix this. They order the chips, and call me to tell me they're in. I bring in my receiver and they pop it open to see if they can do the chips while I wait. They are buried behind the front panel, so they say come get it in a couple days. No problem, I expected that.

Now the problem. They swap chips, nothing works. They swap old chips back in and comes up fine. So they talk to NAD, NAD tries to get the receiver to reset, etc. Two weeks go by, nothing. Finally I stopped by the dealer (which is 30 miles away) and the dealer says NAD sent them the wrong firmware, and they're waiting for it. Another week passes. Still no chips. To date, I have been waiting a month+ for my firmware upgrade on something that was supposed to take two days.

I will be calling NAD Monday to voice my displeasure, and tell them to get my f*cking chips in the mail. It sours me to know that others have gotten such wonderful service from NAD, and yet I've been without my new receiver longer than I've had it in the house.

I hope my story is the exception, not the norm. I just figured I'd let everyone know.



Sorry to hear about your problems. I too am a new T 762 owner and have had problems with the DSP. I have detailed my problems on another thread. But there seem to be quiet a bit of us with the same or similar problems. In all fairness to NAD and to NAD owners also I was thinking of starting a poll of how many owners hav been experiencing similar problems. What do you think. In another forum (AVS Audio forum)it is almost taken for granted that the NAD recivers have these kind of problems. I find that strange. If I can do it, I will start a new thread polling NAD users for their experiences

John A.
Roughly where is the dealer, Mike?


I would have to agree that you need to stay on the dealer. We have has another recent thread where a new NAD owner had a problem and he went over the head of his dealer (who seemed unresponsive) ans went directly to NAD. An NAD technician actually met this man at the airport to pick up his receiver and take it back to the lab for testing. NAD found the problem and fixed the receiver, and now this owner is quite happy.

It is the dealer who has to make these things good or risk losing the sale.

Mike van Meeteren
Dealer is Audio Perfection in Minneapolis, MN.

The dealer has been lukewarm about getting my receiver serviced in the first place, but once they decided that I was going to stay on them until it was fixed they had no problem with swapping chips. At this point I really feel NAD has dropped the ball, but I do not have a hard time believing that this issue is not at the top of my dealers priority list either.


Mike v

Just talked to Ingrid at NAD and according to her there is only one set of chips available for upgrading the firmware. Back to talking to the dealer who is closed today. Sadly, the ship date on the chips was Sept 11th. My receiver has been gone for more than a month.


am auditioning for receiver to more than a month, i have HK, yamaha and NAD in my list, HK was out we dont have dealer in our place.

am not quite happy with yamaha, since i still have rxv1000 and am not quite satisfied with the performance

beleive me guys, i spend already a month reading all positive and negatives comments for NAD 752/762 and i was very disapointed because i am desperately want that box 752 to play in my room, its on the top of my list, because of my disppointment i decide i will go for yamaha rxv640 to be paired with my Bang & olufsen (i am Bang & Olufsen Fanatic)

last night i was in shop and ready to buy yamaha rx-v640, but the moment i will pay that box i change my mind, i was not really convince because i have rxv-1000 am not really satisfied

1. most of the bugs was solve in 1.22 firmware?

2. anybody out there have experience in NAD receiver driving B&O speakers (8ohms)

any1 can help me with my worries,,...

many thanks


another guy having a problem with a NAD?...say it isn't so. It's like saying my car is really fast, when it runs.

Mike V
More info:

According to the dealer, NAD had them replace a diode with a different diode. The firmware still doesn't work. So they contacted NAD again, and they replied with "oh, now you need blue and white dot chips" or something. Mark, the owner is getting frustrated with NAD because they can't seem to get their act together. In his words "it's frustrating talking with the people in Canada, because I have to talk to a technical adviser, who then talks to the engineer, instead of letting us talk to the engineer direct".

My dealer was extremely apologetic, and they're as frustrated as I am.

Conclusion will hopefully be real soon.


Hi all,

This site has been very informative to me...I am about to buy a T752 and at least I know what I am about to get into by reading all these constructive feedbacks. By the way it will be very helpful for people to start putting their unit's manufacture date with messages. At least by doing so, all of us will have some idea of when the frequency of problems rose since T752 was introduced. Perhaps we can convey that information to NAD if they care to know... We all can be a part of good consumer watchdogs as well as audiophiles.

By the way I am still buying T752 because I fell in love with the way it sounds despite all these known problems.... Wish me a good luck!
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