How to hook up 2 receivers for more power


Tom C
hey guys,

i was just curious how you hook up 2 receivers together so that they create more power... also i keep seeing "preout" or "preamp" ... what are those?

What you may be looking for is using the receiver as a "pre-amp", i.e., you are using it to tie all your separate components together. The receiver when used as a "pre-amp", controls all the sound and any other processing that needs to be done from all you other components. This receiver will then send all that signal to a dedicated "power amplifier", whose sole job is to amplify that signal and then send it to the speakers. Thus, leaving your receiver running cooler and more efficient, because it is not using it's own power supply to run the speakers. You can use 2 receivers together but it will not really make much of a difference unless they are of significantly different power outputs. If you are still using the speaker outputs on both unit, all you've done is have the ability to use more speakers. It's still doing the same job and probably a little louder, just because there are more speakers.
What you can do is, go to the rear of the weaker receiver and look for "pre-out" or "rec out" and connect it to the "input" jacks of the more powerful receiver. It's up to you where you want to hook this in, (read your manual). It's like treating your "weaker" receiver as just another component, much like a tape deck or cd player, what have you...
Just be careful not to hook it up to the "phono in" jacks of the receiver...not a pleasant experience. Then you can use the more powerful receiver to drive your speakers.
Hope this helps.
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