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Hello guys,

I'm looking to upgrade/swap. I have to cerwin vega ve-12's hooked up to a denon. Im looking for your advice on a stereo amp to swap with it. I was looking at outlaw, and nad offer. My speakers handle ~150w. I'd like to comfortably fill the power band. I was looking at the outlaw rr2150, and nad c375bee. 90% of the listening will come from my computer(not cd/record). Though id like the option for turntable, id be fine without.

Can you guys give your thoughts?


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bl, your Verwin Vega speakers may handle 12 really messy watts, or 500 really good ones.
Ignore the power rating of the speakers...and the amp as well.

A 50w (rated) amplifier of good lineage and heavy build will power most speakers which are not a difficult load.

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I understand that watts is not everything. But if my denons rated around 80 and the nad is 150. Two quality(im assuming) builders. Shouldnt they be pretty close on quality wattage?

Im really looking for a less high production company. I work for a small company(non-audio company), and i understand and firmly believe that the small guys have much more to offer. I've been told the same can be said regarding audio equipment. I have a friend with a an older nad and he loves it. not very familiar with outlaw, but ive read good things about the rr2150.

Im looking for a specific sound, i listen to mostly rap. I've read that nad had a good bass-strong sound?

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Might want to look into something that has a strong attack and is known for a rougher meater sound. Rotel, is a bigger company, but there gear is reasonably priced. You could even check audiogon for used gear. Whats your budget? For the price of the NAD new you could easily have a good used amp.

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I wonder if you could explain what it is that you wish to accomplish with your upgrade. Lord knows most of us here can thoroughly understand "upgrade fever" but I think it defining what you think the problem is will help save some time and money.

You really aren't going to do too much better with an amp, it certainly wont hurt but it seems to me that the weak link(s) in your system, as you describe it, are the speakers.

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im satisfied with the sound im getting from my cv's. but i think im pushing stereo style speakers with a 5.1 surround reciever. and even though its producing very satisfying results. the goal, in time, will be to have a quality 2 chan stereo amp pushing my cv's. and then equipping my denon with new speakers(havent really settled on what speakers) i have a bic america dv62clrs center. but i'll get new fronts and sub aventually.
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