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What is the difference besides "line in" being filtered and "lfe" being unfiltered? What is the disadvatge/advantages?

I know with the line in u need a y adapter to hook up to the sub preout of the receiver.

But some powered subwoofers have both and others just the "line in"


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I think i got it right from my sub manual.
When you connect your sub to the LFE output (RCA usually) your reciever will do all the crossover for your sub (and of course your sub will have only gain as control over it). The "line in" means that you will get every bit of information down to the sub so you "must" adjust your frequency cut point manually to match your speakers (for better blend-in). This last metod is preffered for audio and LFE for movies multichannel programs. Some subs can be plugged both ways and switched when appropriate.

If i got it wrong somebody please correct me.

When i connect my sub to the LFE output regular stereo music is a bit yuck!

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It is a big yuck.

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Thanks for the input. when i get a powered sub it will be for movies/tv 99% of the time.

We are doing work on our house that has an unfinished back room, we could either make it a porch or make it a couple of rooms. My vote is a couple of rooms, one being my TV room. :D

SO i think i would prefer a LFE input in a powered sub.

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Be careful where to place the sub. I put it where it was place avaliable for him but it sounds boomy. In future i'll try to reposition it coz this sub isn't notorious to be boomy at all.
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