Ayone have the new JVC RX-8030VBK Receiver?


I just wondering how this new model sounds. I've only seen the one review by C-Net & they rated it a lot better than the old JVC 9010 so I wondering if JVC has made any changes in the design on the new 8030 model. Any coments on the new model would be great & please no coments on JVC's older models. Thanks.

The JVC 8030 receiver has very impressive sound quality and generous connection capabilities that make this a great value, particularly if you're on a budget. I got mine at Amazon.com for $299 shipped. My current speaker setup is 5.1. Compared to my prior old Sony Pro Logic receiver, the 8030 gives clear, detailed, powerful sound. Crisp highs and solid, room shaking bass. Supports all of the current Dolby Digital and DTS formats. Overall a great purchase. JVC covers the 8030 with a two year parts and labor warranty, which is better than many. I haven't taken a big loss if it doesn't hold up in the long run, but the build quality seems very good. I like the receiver's dot matrix display and the speaker layout graphics. The remote is decent, but there are a lot of small similar size buttons making it hard to use in the dark.

Thanks on the reply Jim, As for features & price I don't think it can be beat. But I'm still wondering how it sounds compared to JVC's older 8000 series receivers? Any more coments guys?
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