Help with setting up an H/K avr 525


for anyone who owns a H/K avr525 or similar model or really any receiver that spports tripple crossover could you please explain to me
what the heck the H/K "Important Note" instert is really talking about....

it says:
1. Check the Specifications section of the Owner's Manual for your speakers to find the lowest frequency the speakers are capable of reproducing.

2. Enter the setting for the highest setting for any speaker in each of the three groups (front/center/surround) in the Speaker Setup menu, as shown in the Owner's Manual.

3. Enter the setting for the highest frequency your subwoofer is capable of reproducing on the SUBWOOFER line of the menu. It is important that this setting not be lower then the HIGHEST setting for any of the main speakers.

ok, what the hell do they really mean?!?
if say my speakers frequencies are as follows:
front (right/left) - 45HZ
center - 52Hz
surround - 64Hz
Subwoofer - 21Hz - 120Hz
do i set the settings to the lowest speaker setting and then for the subwoofer i put 120Hz???

as an example the insert states:
For example, if the setting for the front speakers is 80Hz, but the setting for the center or surround speakers is 120Hz, you must set the subwoofer to 120Hz, even if the front speakers have a better frequency range. A lower frequency setting for the subwoofer would create a bass "hole" because some frequencies would go to neither the subwoofer nor the main channel speaker, and thus be lost.


Because your surround speakers are capable of going down to 64 Hz, they are the most critical (i.e. the "highest" of the 3 groups). If you were to set the sub at 40 Hz, then there would be missing base in the surrounds between 40 and 64 Hz, so the sub has to be set at a frequency higher than 64 (I think it has to be set at 80 if I remember correctly).

The reason is that whatever the low-limit cutoff is for your surround speakers, (in your case 64 Hz) then if you specified 80 for the surrounds, there will be NO bass frequencies below 80 Hz routed to the surrounds. So you're expected to set up your sub to cover at least up to 80. The number might be 70, can't recall.

Probably still not clear, right ? If you want to test it, turn off the sub and set all your speakers to 120 lower limit. Now you'll notice that you don't hear any bass at all. If you did that, you'd have to set your sub to 120 and the base would come back, because everything below 120 is being routed to the sub. Now set the sub to 80, and you'll notice the 'hole' between 80 and 120. Drop the speakers down to where they should be, and the hole will be filled, not by the sub but by the center/main/surround speakers.

Hope this helps. If not, just set the lower limit to what it says for each speaker pair, then set your sub to 80. That will work in your case.
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