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I have been reading this bulletin board for several weeks off and on, and I have not seen this exact question. Please excuse me if it already has been answered. And it may be a whacky question, so please tell me if it is.

I have a c. 1987 NAD 3240PE integrated amplifier. It cuts out as the volume decreases, then crackles and pops back on as the volume increases especially in soft passages of classical or voice recordings. It is not as bad (or has no problem at all) through the headphones.

All sources have the same problem. I have cleaned all the pots and connection points. I have installed gold connectors from all sources and 12AWG speaker wire on one set of speakers (which made the condition worse in those speakers). So, I think I have eliminated all possibilities other than that the amplifiers themselves are not functioning properly. The 3240PE has preamplified output and return input that was originally connected by jumpers, but which I have now replaced with gold connectors.

My question is this: Would it be worthwhile to buy a stereo power amplifier and use the 3240PE as a preamplifier? If so, could I connect the power amplifier output back into the 3240 to take advantage of the A/B, etc. switches. If I do this will the signal from the power amplifier boost through the old amplifiers or will the old amplifiers get in the way of the signal from the new and cause the same problem? Is my question clear enough?

I have just purchase a set of dahlton speakers and I am trying to fine out were i can purchase an AMP and a CD player. What store sell these products.

Cain Puki
I suggest you bring in the NAD to an authorized service center and have it repaired, I can guarantee you that it will be worth it. I'd hate for that equipment to go to waste. The issues you are having with amp may or may not go away just because you are using the low level outputs going to a power amp.

Hey Anonymous,
You could buy the amps from the same scam artists you bought the speakers from.

Joong-In Rhee

Look in ebay for nad equipments - a receiver (amp with a radio) or an integrated amp, and a cd player. You can get them for under $100 each and they sound good - better than what you can buy for 4 or 5 times the price new.


You must have bought those Dahlton speakers from a guy in a van. He probably said they cost $1800, but you can have them for $200.

Please don't buy your other components from guys in vans or trucks with a line of BS.

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Where was this info before the purchase?

Is there a source for info on these speakers?

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Sure--this info has even been in the Wall Street Journal. People in van's or SUV's having professional invoices printed and phony reviews printed and stopping people in mall parking lots or wherever and coming up with a story about how these are extra's from an installation job or some other reason.

Anyone with a computer can print phony invoices and reviews on magazine paper. Or if you want, you can go to a printer a have lots of reviews printed up on magazine paper so the person would presume it was a real review.

It is a bad idea to buy anything from people cruising in a van or SUV.

I think the source for info is listed under: Sucker

Do a google search. You'll find your story listed hundreds of times and people trying to sell them on ebay or wherever they can.

vince zizzo
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i just forked over $175 for some daulton speakers from a guy in a van.Do the speakers not work or did i just get F%#KED out of some cash.Not able to know if they work because i have no receiver for it.


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To answer the original question the problem you are having is probably somewhere in the preamp section so using it as a stand alone preamp is not likely to solve the problem. The question I have is about the 12AWG wire making things worse. Try some 18AWG zip cord from Radio Shack and see what happens. But I think your problem is in the control section. Even though you tried to clean the pots, the way most modern components are put together you can't actually clean them with a spray can of stuff. If anything you can make matters worse. Try the smaller wire to help eliminate the possibility of a problem in the power amp section. If this doesn't change anything the problem is most likely in the preamp section and as I said a new power amp will only be seeing the same problem fed to it by the defective preamp. Take the unit in and have it serviced by a reputable tech. It will likely be less than a new power amp and then you can spend the money on some new music instead of blowing it on equipment.

As to your hook up question, you certainly can hook the speaker outputs of a power amp up to the speaker outputs of another amplifier. If you never intend to turn either one on! Or maybe you have a fondness for the smell of burning, melting electronic components and the resultant sparks. DO NOT DO THIS!!! It is a very bad idea. That is why they sell speaker selector boxes. Is my answer clear?
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