Help--- HK AVR125 vs Onkyo HTR510 (from 760 box)


Could anyone please advice from these 2 receivers?

I have 5.1 Speaker set which worked fine with a Sony DE485 but I want a little better receiver. The speakers are from the famed white van Theater Research (TR 7000).

I can not spend a lot of money right now so I am buying both of these refurb from ecost.

Harman/Kardon AVR is for 179.95 and
Onkyo HTR 510 is for 149.00.

All your help is much appreciated.

Golden Ear
Hello, from everyone that I am talking to and all the information I gather I think that the onkyo packs more of a punch for the money than the hamrans do.
By the way where are u going to purchase the htr 510, im looking for that model but cannot find it anywhere without the speakers

This one is easy--get the Harman/Kardon. The H/K is a stand alone product that has to have a certain level of quality to even be sold. That Onkyo is part of a HT system (includes speakers) that is meant to be sold as a complete system at a certain low price point, sold by the Best Buys and Circuit City's of this world.

Again, you have to cut the manufacturer's power rating in half, unless you are looking at an NAD or a H/K, which are the only two that under-specs their power. Based upon that fact, the H/K has more power in addition to better quality.

Thanks, Hawk and Golden Ear.

Golden Ear, PCMall has both of these and ecost has the HK. and they are authorised dealers for both.

Finally Onkyo HTR 510 was shipped for $130 from ecost. I had this order pending at ecost while I was shopping for HK125. I had completely forgot about it.

Is this a bad receiver? Or just not better than HK125...

I wish I remembered the order...
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