Speaker wiring, multiple speakers wired in series/parallel -- IS IT SAFE ON MY AMP?


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Howdy all,

I'm trying to change the speaker setup of my 5.1 ht-ss360 HTIB.

Its a 3 ohm system.

What i am planning to do is wire 2 of the 3 ohm HTIB speakers in serial and then wire that duo parallel with one of my own 8 ohm speakers into each front port on the receiver, and use it as a 2.1 system with the sub.

I think the resistance calculated from my wiring scheme is 3.42ish (cant remember but its close)

I just wanted to know if this is a safe way to wire this system.

-- i basically want to have 6 speakers on 2 channels

Thanks so much for your help!

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No, it is not.

Why would you want this?


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If it's a HTIB receiver, 6 speakers are going to sub-par as 2 speakers. You interested in going for a 2 channel system?

Why not pick up a used integrated by Rotel, Cambridge or NAD for a few hundred bucks and some PSB Alphas or Paradigm Atoms?

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Connecting your speakers in the series/parallel circuit you described won't hurt anything at all. Sound quality will probably suffer but there's nothing wrong with a little experimentation.
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