Which hi res player should I get???


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So, right now I've got a Sony SACD /DVD player that' not that great, and I'm looking to upgrade. I have my eye on two different players:

1. ($199) Samsung DVD-A / SACD player with upsampling http://www.crutchfield.com/cgi-bin/ProdView.asp?a=&s=0&cc=01&g=531 00&id=essential_info&i=305DVDH84

2. ($299) Phillips SACD player with upsampling http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=productlist&A=details&Q=&sku=2 78933&is=REG

The difference in price is not an issue, but wether the the better quality of the Phillips is a good trade for not being compatable with DVD-A. Righ now I own 10 sacd's and no dvd-a's. (in the future I plan to get some dvd-a titles becuse there's certain artist i like they have) I would like to have a more 'audiophile component' in terms of building quality and sound. The samsung does have the upsampling that I want, plays SACD's and as a bonus plays DVD-audio. So, I am wondering if I should go with the phillips because of its quality. (Has anyone here used this player?) Also the phillips usually sells for $500 elsewhere than BH photo video so it would be better (??) right

Any suggesting helping me to chose the right player would be much appriciated. Thanks -Marcus

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Buy the best universal player you can afford. Pioneer would have to be worth a serious look. Good Luck.

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Replacing a Sony SACD player with a Philips SACD player seems like just a replacement, not a real upgrade. If you read your post, you have really answered yourself! Do you want both formats or not? If so, I agree with GM and add Denon to the list.

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Denon and Pioneer "universal" players are getting a good press, here, at the moment. I would not get a player without DVD-A. Philips has vested interest, that is no secret - they, with Sony, hold the licence for SACD, and make both the players and the discs. It is not in their interests to cater for DVD-A.

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and my choice for bang for the buck universal
player would be of course the denon 2200.

that is just my oppinion but nothing i have heard
or seen has swayed me!

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and like john a says.

i would not buy a player that does not do dvd-a.

but would add to that i would not buy a player
that does not play sacd either.

so to me a universal player is the only way to go.

hope that helps.

and yes marrantz/pioneer elite and denon all make
very nice universal players.

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Thanks for your imput guys !!!
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