Denon 4802R or Pioneer Elite vsx 49tx


Hey fellow music and movie lovers. I would like opinions on the Denon 4802r and the Pioneer Elite vsx 49tx. I currently have a Denon avr 3300 and am looking to upgrate to dpII and THX ultra2. I watch movies 60% and music 40%. The 2 pieces are about the same price and I would appreciate your opinions on either or suggestions in the 1500 to 1700 dollar range. Speakers = Ascend acoustics cbm 170 x 7 speakers and HSU VTF 3 sub. Thanks in advance.

I wonder why you would spend that amount of money on a receiver, a piece of gear that has had many compromises made before it is brought to market. I would suggest the Outlaw Audio separates, specifically, the 950 pre/pro and the 7100 amp (125 wpc x 7). If you want more power check out the Outlaw monoblocks at 200 wpc, for not much more money, during their amp sale. The Outlaws are much better than either receiver, in my opinion, and cheaper too.

Check them a out at

Just a thought . . .

I own the Pioneer Elite 49txi (bought in Nov. 2002 at $2650)and it is every bit as good as the Aragon separates (200 watts) I own (I bought them at cost and they still were at least $2k more). Actually I like it better because it has certain things such as fire wire (i-link) and MCCAC (automatic speaker and acoustical balancing), which makes a big difference in balancing your speakers. Plus it has great discrete amps that crank better than the given 130 watts per channel. In standard 5-channel they push out 148 watts--probably better than the 125 watt Outlaw.

If you check into Stereophile 2002 online archives they rave about the 49tx being their favorite receiver. Heck, they say they haven't heard anything that sounds better in surround, stereo, or SACD.

At the price level unless you need 200 watts or more and have other requirements (such as very difficult speakers to drive) this receiver can't be bettered.

The above being said, I think this receiver is likely overkill for your speakers. I love the Ascend's, but they don't really require this kind of power (although they say they can take up to 200 watts). Of course I could understand wanting to own this receiver anyway, as it both looks great and performs great.

The Outlaw is great too and has all the surround features, just not elegant and is without automatic acoustical adjustment.

Derrek 4reel
Thanks for the input guys. I am still not sure what I want to get yet. I had a chance to hear the pioneer elite and I must say it is nice. Anyone else have any suggestions?? I appreciate all advice. 4reel

I was curious what you decided. I had a posting almost exactly the same. I am torn between the 4802R and the Pioneer Elite 49txi. The Pioneer is $1000 more but I like the i-link and the MCACC set up process. Basically the same other feature and I don't know if the added features are worth it. People in the forum don't seem to like Denon...not sure why.

Derrek Pombrio
I have not decided yet. My wife just spent 2400.00 on my birthday present (not until March) and I can't swing anything yet. I guess that I might have to get an NAD 320bee as amp for and use Denon as Pre-. Anyones thoughts on this would also be appreciated. 4reel

You could save about $1000 and get the Pioneer 47tx which has a similar rendition of the MCCAC, the same powerful amp section, but doesn't have the i-link.

Unless you plan on getting the Pioneer Elite 47AVi or the soon to be released 59AVi DVD player I can think of no big reason to get the i-link. There are no other dvd players I can think of that will take advantage of the i-link.

I agree with Hawk--that unless you have a use for the i-link, I would get the Outlaw combo or the 47TX. The amp sections are both powerful--I don't know about the 47tx remote--but I do like the Outlaw remote which is almost identical to the B&K expensive receiver remote and B&K expensive pre-amp remote. One thing--the Elite is much more beautiful--and has the MCCAC. But with the Outlaw you can get an SPL Meter and/or borrow a good equalizer and perfectly set-up and balance acoustically your speakers for optimal performance.

If you want i-link to play an i-link Pioneer dvd player you may try the 55txi which can be gotten at $1050. Otherwise you would be fine with a number of receivers in the $500 to $800 range. Much depends on the size of your room and of course, your budget.


Thanks for your input. I am on a budget right now, wife bought me something and said I can't go hog wild with the A/V stuff. I am really headed toward the 47tx I think. I want to get the best out of home theatre and might use another amp for 2 channel stereo. Have you heard either one for home theatre?? (outlaw vs. pioneer 47tx) I would probably choose which ever give me the most realistic movie sound. Thanks, 4reel

Definitely go with the Pioneer if you buy a receiver. I have owned the Denon 4802 and it was shallow and bright sounding. If you like a more neutral and warm sound you will not like the Denon.

Any of these receivers or separates are more than excellent for stero--you don't need to buy a separate amp or receiver for stereo--it is a waste.

If you want the power, go with the Outlaw. If you want power and the MCCAC go with th 47tx. If you want more than enough power for the Ascends and a receiver that has MCCAC and i-link and will allow you to hook up to i-link dvd players get the 55txi. The Pioneer Elite 47avi universal DVD player(available at around $650)--or even much better the soon to be released 59avi universal dvd player(List $1600--street $1299).

It depends on whether you have HDTV and what hook-ups on your HDTV and whether you have or want to upgrade your dvd player.

If you already have a dvd player and aren't changing it, get the 47tx or the Outlaw.

Do you have an HDTV? And if so--which one? If not--the dvd player part is moot. If you have or will get an HDTV with DVI or HDMI--then the i-link receiver and the 59avi dvd player is the best way to go. The 55txi has more than enough power for the Ascends and the subwoofer powers itself. The 59avi is currently the only dvd player that will upconvert 480 pixel dvd fare to HDTV. Also, since the 59avi has HDMI (DVI) it can connect with only one cable to an HDMI (DVI) capable HDTV giving the best video picture.

Your decision depends on what you have and/or what you plan on getting.


Thanks again for all the input. I don't have a high def. yet but will be getting the pioneer plasma 50" in the next year or so. I don't know if I can swing both 49txi and plasma. Just wishful thinking. I might end up with the 47tx and what ever tv I can afford. I don't know about outlaw for movies and might steer away from that a bit. It sounds like the pioneer elite line is the real bomb anyway!! Thanks, 4reel
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