6th amplifier for NAD T752


Good day gentlemen.

I understand that the nad T752 requires separate amplifier to make a 6.1 channel surround. I just want to know how to connect it. Can i use my old 2-channel receiver for that purpose? Can the 6th amplifier be assigned at the rear 'cause my old receiver doesnt sound quite good and its only 60wpc. Putting that at the rear maybe more practical than at the front.


Yes, provided your old receiver has inputs for the amplifier.

Thanks Hawk!

But i just want to be clear. The receiver has inputs for cd,tape,vcr, vdp and aux.

1. Can either of those be utilize?

2. Will i use the center rear pre-out of the T752, routed to either of the above inputs for 6.1 configuration? Using only one channel of my receiver?

3. Is there any other better set up

Thanks again.

Hawk, my old receiver has no amplifier input indicated. Does it mean it cant be used as the 6th amplifier for T752? Only ins on cd,vcr,tape auxillary.

You can use the tape, aux, etc inputs for the sixth channel. Since you don't have main-ins what you'll probably need to do is use Aux In and then turn up the old receiver volume maybe half way or more. Run the test tones on the 752 for all 6 speakers and calibrate accordingly.


A tape input is merely a line level in, but it would pass through the second receiver's pre-amp section rather than going directly to the amp. This means that it would be controlable (Hmm, is that a word? Well, you know what I mean) by the volume knob on the second receiver. As long as you don't move the volume knob, perhaps set the volume where you want it and mark it with something like colored tape or a permanent marker to know the right spot on the volume dial, it should work just fine. A little more complicated, perhaps, but it would work.

Ok Hawk and GT. Thanks a lot.
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