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Onkyo 601 rec + cable, sat, dvd all hooked into rec. rec out svideo and rca cable hooked to tv. vcr is hooked directly to tv. I hooked up rca for on screen and it worked but in black and white. Also dvd and sat are black and white. They are hooked up to rec and rec monitor out is svid to tv and rca to tv. Cable directly to tv is color. switching is not easy. please help? I have 1999 hitachi ultravision 53 projection tv.

With that receiver, you must use the same type of connection throughout the system or you will lose your color. Use an S-video cable to the TV or connect everything else with a composite (RCA) cable.

You could also use these to convert your few composite connections to S-Video connections. You will not gain S-Videos quality but at least your connections will be consistent and switching will all be the same.

Hope this helps.

I had s video from dvd to rec and svideo out connected from rec to tv. I was told I had to use rca out on the rec out to tv as well to use the on screen display. Also sat is analog and I was using rca composite. If sat is changed to s video should it then work? I have connected all video directly to tv and it works this way just can't use remote which is a pain.
Any more suggestions are appreciated.thanks,
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