S-direct or Stereo?


Hello I have the Marantz SR5400 and I was wondering what advantage does the s-direct mode give over the stereo mode while playing CD's from a CD player?

sorry it's a 5300 :-)

I don't know that receiver but the direct mode ususally bypasses all DSPs and the tone controls.

Hope that helps.

In that model, Stereo Direct bypasses all of the tone controls and all digital processing. I have never understood why stereo is meant to be processed digitally, but most receivers do so. So bypassing the analog to digital conversion and back again is a very good thing, IMO. However, it also means you don't have the LFE channel active to drive your subwoofer. However, you shouldn't need it anyways unless you are running mini satellites for your mains. Stereo Direct should give you a cleaner, more precise signal.

Thank you

i also notice when i enable the S-Direct on my Marantz 4300, my subwoofer doesn't work in this mode, i have a mission floorstander and i set my front speaker to "large" and the bass preference to "both"...because if i set the bass preference to "mix", the subwoofer will only works in DVDs but not in music listening...but the point of having a subwoofer is to relieve the amp and the floorstander to reproduce those low frequency, now if i set the bass preference to "both", seems like i am not relieving my front speaker and my amp, but i just force the front speaker and the sub to reproduce the low frequency altogether...i tried to connect the front speaker through the sub highpass filter, but if i connecting using highpass filter, then i miss the LFE in the DVD movie...is that true.?.in this case, if using a marantz receiver...should i connect the subwoofer using the low level input or using the highpass filter.?.

another question is, actually what is the real difference between the 4300 and 5300, because i found my receiver to be a bit underpowered, will upgrading to 5300 helps since its just another 10watts more per channel...thanks..

you can set your front speakers as small.
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