Told you I would need your help again! Receiver this am just shut off?


Good morning,
Last night I set up my H/K 525 reciever and speakers. This am when I was showing it off to my husband, I started to push the remote volume buttons (to increase the volume a bit so he could hear the speakers). The receiver then just shut off by itself. It did this several more times. The standby light and all went black. My husband waited a bit and then turned it back on it seems to be ok now, but I am concerned. What did we do wrong, if anything? I put a call into H/K technical support but they do not open until noon. EST. If any of you know anything about this I would greatly appreciate it. Gt, I ran a copy of setting up the 325 that you shared with Ronnie a while ago. Would the hook ups be about the same for the 525? Thank you all so much and sorry to bother you again! I wish I were more A/V oriented!

It is possible that the problem is external to the AVR 525, because it draws quite a bit of current. As a first step, I would grab an extension cord and try it in a different power outlet. If that doesn't work, take it back and show them in the store, maybe they'll exchange it.

Glad you got everything hooked up. Are you using bare wire or banana plugs? If bare wire, check the speaker connections to make sure no wire is touching the chassis of unit. This can cause a short. Check on the receiver and speaker ends.

What volume level were you using. The AVR 525 should easily handle your speakers. If you think it sounds good with just the radio, wait until you get your DVD player connected.

I'm out of town so won't be lucky on much in the next couple days.

HI everyone,
I think I may have figured it out.(after a couple of calls- aren't you guys glad I don't have your phone #'s! :)) Stupid me, had the speaker wires probably 2 inches too long, didn't know enough to put the wires through the holes when you unscrewed the knobs (I was wrapping them around) and I am sure had some touching the receiver. I have trimmed them down, put them through the holes and I think we are ok. I just pray I didn't do any damage when the unit shut down in the meantime. Onecall was really helpful, as was the place that I bought the center speaker from.
I just wish that I had known better- I wish H/K would have put something in about how to thread speaker wire or that Mirage had something in their boxes. I guess MOST people know about these types of things! Oh well.....Thank you for replying! Onto the next fiasco!

This is why banana plugs are so good. They're foolproof and easy to connect and reconnect. You don't have to unscrew anything on the back of the receiver, it fits in the rear of each speaker terminal. Buy a pair or two from Radio Shack or Best Buy (The AR brand is cheaper than Monster) and see for yourself.

Glad you got everything working.

Sorry for my previous post being misleading, I had understood that the standby light went black. Whenever the speaker is shorted, the standby light is supposed to turn red. I had been through a lot of analysis as to why this happened with a previous AR 520, and came to the conclusion that the standby light will turn red for any of the following reasons:

1. Speaker wires shorted
2. Unit overheating
3. Internal failure
4. Sleep Time set

Sleep time is still a bit tricky, because you can set it by accident without realizing it, especially if you use the remote for changing channels on your TV and VCR's etc. There's a tendency to make the mistake of pressing the "channel up/down" buttons while the AVR is targeted, which causes either surround off (down), or sleep on (up).

When the Sleep timer is on, it will cause the AVR display panel to dim. Usually, the machine will shut off (standby red) about 90 minutes later - enough time to forget that you used the remote!

For this reason, you may have the unit shutting down without knowing why from time to time, and there should be nothing to be alarmed about. It's a matter of getting used to the remote.
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