Marantz 5300 questions, can hear volume control


Per L
I just bought a Marantz 5300 reciever. When not in S. direct mode, I can hear a faint 'tic' in the speakers for each level I change the volume control, are other people experiencing this or is it faulty? This "interference" disappears in S direct mode.

Which brings me to my other question: Is there some way to activate S. direct mode when using head phones? The reciever switches to regular stereo when I insert the plug, and the button seem inactivated.

Regards /Per


I have not heard this problem linked to Marantz before. However, I have heard of this problem linked to Onkyos and Denons recently, so you are not alone. I suspect you will need to have the dealer inspect and repair it. It sounds like it is a software problem since it doesn't show up in Stereo Direct mode.

I have to wonder, however, that with three posts in the past week concerning problems with Marantz receivers, if some people are going to start bashing Marantz products as faulty, like they have NAD lately. I think it just shows that these receivers are so complex, that no one's products are immune and a certain number of returns are inevitable.

Good luck!

Per L
Thanks for the reply Hawk

Can someone using a Marantz 5300 confirm that their reciever have no such problems (most obvious at very low volumes) so that they aren't generic to the model, but probably due to a faulty reciever?

Regards /Per

Hi, I also purchased a marantz 5300 recently and I also did notice the volume phenomena. I will add that my amp did give me trouble with the centre and rears not working and had to get that repaired.
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