What sounds better for music in A/V HK or Nad


Would a Hk325 or 525 or Nad series A/V receiver sound as good as say a Nad 2200 seperate pre-amp amp combination? My problem is I don't want to lose any musicality by going A/V and I only want to make one investment. If some one would tell me that something in the Nad A/V line would sound as good as an older Nad amp that you could buy used I wouldn't have a problem. Even if there was just a slight difference it would'nt be bad I just wouldn't want there to be a big difference. I think in my situation the Nad line would work just fine. I have a 2200 at work and it sounds just fine. I dont think you can get a A/V with pre outs for less than 300.00 so going pre-outs with seperate amps gets pricey for me. Well as I post it I'm thinking that would be a nice way to go pre-outs with cheaper good amps but maybe that would be impossible costly impracticle . What do you think? Thanks


I A/B'ed both the H/K 325 and the 525 against an NAD 742 for music playback and the NAD was much cleaner and clearer sounding. It had much greater detail, whereas I found the H/K to be a bit "woolly" sounding by comparison. I absolutely loved the 742 and later I found the 752 to sound just as musical. The 742 will not have the same power as the pre-amp/amp combo, but the sound will be very similar.
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