NAD T7xx-No Phono in????


Paul T
Damn I was all set to order a NAD T742 receiver for my new theater/stereo set up along with Polk LSi series speakers I was also going to order when I went to NAD's site to check rear inputs and see reading the online Owner's Manuals that the neither the T742 and the T752 have Phono inputs or the ground connection... damn I planned on dusting off my Turntable and using it again now that we have a new entertainment center built.. Is this common now with A/V Receivers.. damn if I have to stay with my present 10 year old Yamaha RXV480 I'm worried about it being able to handle 4 ohm Polk LSi 7 speakers, the LSi7's are a small bookcase speaker, the Yamaha RXV480 I know is rated at 75wpc at 8 ohm but not sure if can handle the 4 ohm load.. Help please!!!


It's true that the T752 does not have a phono input.

I also wanted phono and originally bought the Yamaha 2300. It may have a phono input, but it doesn't have a phono preamp, so be careful when searching to clarify between the two.

I returned the Yamaha (didn't like the sound) and purchased the NAD T752. If I want a phono input, I'll just buy the NAD preamp and assign an analog input. Since I can rename the inputs anyway, this would seem to work for me.



I agree with TC. I bought my Denon precisely because it had a phono input and I wanted to hear my wonderful record collection. My kids are grown enough not to destroy my phono cartridge (already happened twice!) and there are some recording that I simply cannot get on CD. Well, it was the wrong choice as the sound is poor.

Get the NAD and talk to the dealer about a package price for an NAD PP2 phono preamp. As TC says, you can assign inputs so you simply use an auxillary input on the receiver. The tunrtable connects to the phono preamp, including the ground wire.

Paul T
Good news guys THANK YOU!! Hated the thought of having to go route other then an NAD..... Hopefully they will have the NAD PP2 phono preamp when I order the NAD T742, chose that one for it seems like a perfect match for the Polk LSi7's I'm getting (Power sub of course :).. going online route.. Saturdays..
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