NAD T752 and panasonic rp56 dvd player ~ PCM down conversion


Brad C.
Okay I know 96kHz/24 bit is better than the 48kHZ/16 bit and I know the NAD can handle the 96kHZ

But my dvd manual states I should have it set to YES for pcm down conversion = 48kHZ when connecting to a amplifier via the optical digital audio (which is how I'm connected)...

It also states that copyright protection limits digital output to 48kHZ...

Also it states when playing DVD's recorded in 96kHz there is NO OUTPUT if I leave PCM conversion at NO unless there is no copyright protection and then it will output at 96kHz...

So will I basically get no audio on most dvds if I leave it at NO thus trying to get the higher resolution audio ?

And do you only get the 96kHZ on all DTS dvd's or some of them and what about DD 5.1 dvd's ?

I'm trying to figure how much the 96kHZ plays into factor when watching mainstream movie dvds ( considering I do watch alot of them )

Brad C.
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bump ^

Leave it set no "No". It is possible that you may get no output IF the DVD has that flag set to copy protect the output but so far I haven't found a disk that refuses to output its audio.

Take the high road or you will be compromising the other 99.9% that freely pass the hi-res audio (where available).

Hope this helps.
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