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I found a fan I have had for quite some time and found a use for it, I think. It is small, kinda reminds you of the ones for vehicles, about the size of a saucer plate. It is 110 Volt, has what I call an alligator clamp on it, and the fan swivels.

I clamped it onto the back of my cabinet and it blows right on top of the HK, and I mean it keeps it cool. I have it plugged into the back of the receiver so the fan only comes on when the reciever is turned on.

How come I havent heard of anything like this? Is this a bad idea as far as dust is concerned? I guarantee you the receiver is a hundred times cooler.

Terri Cooper
Hi Ronnie,

I just bought a H/K 525 and your exact idea was suggested to me by the salesman at onecall. He said to clamp the fan on just as you did and it would really help to keep the receiver cool. Where did you get your fan, do you recall? I don't have my receiver hooked up yet (waiting on speaker cables)and I was wondering where would be the best place to put it, either inside the glassed cabinet of the entertainment center (only about 1 inch on either side) or on top. The problem with on top is that I don't know where I would put a center channel speaker then. Any suggestions? How long have you had the fan set up in use? Thanks for sharing.

Ha, I recently traded my HK 325 for a HK 525. We speak same language.

I dont know where I got fan, but its all plastic and looks to be old. I bet if you look around, you can find one. The trick is; how to make it work for ya..

Mine is clamped to back side of the cabinet, almost like your trying to cool the backside of the receiver where all the plug ins are. All I did was position the fan so it blows on top of the receiver, instead of directly on the back.

I took the top of the back side off, so the air can go thru, but only where the receiver is. The rest of the back is still in place. I found only one way to hook it up so the air flows over the top of the receiver. It works even better when I close the glass door. I hope a seasoned vet can comment on this. I'm curious.

I just hooked the fan up about a week ago. I had heard of the heat problem with the receiver and one day while in the garage, stumbled across the fan. I have no idea how old it is or where to get one, but I'm telling ya, it cools it down like you woudlnt beleive. It resembles one you would see in a car, only not a 12 volt. Maybe that could be a start for ya.

It sure seems to me it is worth it. It seems heat would hurt it more than dust. Go for it, look around, I bet you can find one.

One more thing. Hook up that 525, Man these things are bad A$$. I couch-potatoed this weekend and receiver never once got hot. It was on all day Saturday and Sunday!


How would you compare the 325 to the 525? Do they pretty well sound the same except for a bit more power on the 525 or is there more to it?


Yuin M
Hi, I was thinking of mounting a computer fan to the back of my cabinet (one that takes air out).
This way I wont have to worry about dust as well.
What are your thoughts.

Its probably too early to tell yet, for I have only had the new receiver for a weekend now, but I think I can tell a significant difference between the 2 receivers. If you can afford it, I highly recommend it. Not only stronger, but the back light in the remote is very handy too.

As for the fan, I dont think the computer fan blowing air out of the cabinet will make that big-a- difference. It certainly couldnt hurt, but I cant see it beating a fan blowing right on top of the receiver.

Just a quick thought, can you turn the fan around so it can blow down on the top of the reciever? All you would have to do is mount it to the top. It seems that would be better than my set up if the fan is strong enough. Mine throws some serious air from those little blades. It also appears the majority of the heat comes from the right side of the receiver. (Behind the big volume control).

I still want some of the vets here to comment on the fan thing though. Come on guys, whats your thoughts?
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