NAD T752 - Basic connectivity questions


Hi all.
Just unpacked my new T752. Sure hope I'll have a smoother drive than TC's...

Although I read thru the manual, still, I have some (beginners) questions..

1. How exactly do I connect my AMC powered sub ? It has two RCA connectors (L/R), but its manual shows an option of using just one RCA from the receiver. Do I connect one cable from SW1 on the T752 or two cables (sure hope one...)

2. I first connected my DVD using Y/Cb/Cr to the matching inputs on the T752. Didn't seem to get any signal. How are these connections used ? (My TV is connected composite - will upgrade to S-video soon).

3. Also, connected an optical from the DVD to Digital1 on the T752, configured the DVD input accordingly (tried several things, actually), but didn't seem to get the audio through. How do I use this optical connection ?

4. What would be your suggestion on connecting a standard VCR to the T752 ? I have four RCA's on the VCR: VIDEO/AUDIO IN/OUT.

5. What would be your suggestion on connecting an old Technics turntable ? I have an old Teac amp for it (3W) that I guess should playa role...

Thanks a lot for all you pros.


John A.
1. One cable is enough. Connect to the Left input on the sub.

2. Connect audio to a digital audio input on the receiver; video can go straight to the TV, or through the receiver, connecting video out ("monitor") to a TV input with composite or S-video.

3. Connect digital audio out on player to digital audio in on receiver, either optical or co-ax. Either should work

4. Audio output from VCR to an analogue audio in on the receiver.

5. Yes, use the pre-amp input of the Teac, and then its pre-amp output (if it has one) to an analogue audio in on the receiver (you should hear some improvement in sound quality...). If your Teac does not have a pre-amp out, you can get a dedicated phono pre-amp, to do the same thing, from NAD, they are cheap and good.

The receivers really ought to have phono inputs, I don't know why they left that off. NAD themselves sell a good turntable. Technics made good turntables, too, don't throw it away!


You will need a phono preamp, sold separately these days, in order to use your tunrtable. NAD has a pretty good one for about $120, as does Sumiko (the Pro-ject Box) for about the same price. You plug your turntable into it and in turn plug the phono pre-amp into the jacks on the back of the 752 marked "Disk."
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