Pioneer 912K and a few other ?


Anyone have any opinions on this receiver? Is it 7.1 or 6.1? Descriptions I've seen say both. Also, does 7.1 mean that you can have 5.1 in one room and 2 speakers say in another room, or does it have to be multi-source receiver? Is this one of them? I'm sure it doesn't have the sound of H/K, Onkyo, but if it's 7.1 THX, seems pretty reasonable for 300. I could be waaayyyy off though. I've heard H/K 325 (awesome). I just don't know if I want to spend $ for H/K 325 like I want, or should I just suck it up and pay another $200 for it? Was thinking of getting the Klipsch Quintets or JBL Northridge Series, or maybe Athena Point 5's, or Energy. Small to Medium sized room, and about 70/30 movies/music. What do you all suggest???

The 912 is 6.1 with two mono surround back channels. Also it is not THX. 7.1 means there are 2 fronts, a center, 2 rear speakers, and TWO rear center speakers.(6.1 is the same with ONE rear center speaker)

You cant compare a Pioneer to an H/K, but you can compare an Elite to an H/K. One person saw a 6070 for 219$ somewhere, sorry I cant remember where, but check the internet. Have you looked at the Elite 41?
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